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Band Name: Antischism

Music Album: Antischism

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Prank

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 35 Tracks CD

Defunct anarcho-punk band from South Carolina. Considered by many to be one of the best crusty peace punk / anarcho-punk bands of all time, Antischism combines fierce male and female vocals & powerful lyrics combined with fierce guitars & drums to create a unique angry and energetic sound. Some of the members went on to play in Initial State, Damad, .Fuckingcom and remain a force in today’s hardcore scene in Karst and Guyana Punch Line.


35 Tracks
1 Foreign Policy2:14
2 Scream / Violent World4:31
3 Salvation Or Annihilation1:55
4 Flesh Of Another1:57
5 End Of Time2:25
6 Big Brother (In Your Bedroom)2:38
7 Elements Of Oppression3:43
8 Factory1:43
9 Roleplay1:17
10 Lines On A Map1:46
11 Slaughter3:15
12 Labels1:19
13 Freedom At Last3:50
14 No Hope2:04
15 Alien Race1:58
16 Greedy Bastards2:22
17 Foreign Policy2:07
18 Salvation Or Annihilation1:55
19 Flesh Of Another1:54
20 End Of Time2:22
21 Big Brother (In Your Bedroom)2:19
22 Elements Of Oppression3:37
23 Labels1:10
24 Factory1:39
25 Lines On A Map1:31
26 Where We Stand1:06
27 Take Your City Back1:21
28 Scream / Violent World4:10
29 Sacrifice0:59
30 Lines On A Map1:18
31 Path Of Destruction1:50
32 Mothers1:20
33 Where We Stand1:07
34 Fist2:03
35 Evil God2:12

This CD is a collection of out of print material from Antischism.

Tracks Taken From:

(1-4) - From The "All Their Money Stinks Of Death" 7" ep.

(5-8) - From The "End Of Time" 7" ep.

(9-13) - From The "In The Face Of Desperation" ep. (Unreleased)

(14-16) - From The "Live In The Studio" 7" ep.

(17-29) - From The "Thinning The Herd" Split LP

(30-31) - From The "End Of Time Plus One" 7" ep.

(32-33) - From The "End Of Time Plus One" (2x7") ep.

+ Original Outakes From The "Still Life" Recording Session.

(34-35) - From Original Demo.

(29) - Originally Written & Performed by Rudimentary Peni.

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