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Band Name: Appendix

Music Album: Top Of The Pops

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Propaganda Records

Album Release Country: Germany

Music Record Type: 15 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

A punk band from Pori, Finland. Appendix was founded in winter 1981-82 and split up in autumn 1984, but has performed occasionally again since the mid 1990s and done the half of releases after those times.

Lineup on the last album in 2011:
Mikki Borgersen (vocals)
Ahti Impola (guitar)
Mixa Huhdanpää (bass)
Sami Valverinne (drums)

Lineup on their first album in 1983:
Mikki Borgersen (vocals)
Jaska Karumo (guitar)
Tomi "Raita" Hyppänen (bass)
Vesku Koivusalo (drums)

15 Tracks
A1 Too Late
A2 History!
A3 I'm Scared
A4 Buy Your Own Peace
A5 Circle 1
A6 The Clock-Card
A7 A Man
A8 Parock
B1 The Fairy-Tale Of The Night
B2 Circle 2
B3 My Own Car
B4 Unfavourable
B5 An Ass Licker
B6 Why Don't The Police Laugh
B7 A Harlot

"Licence Pressing from PROPAGANDA REC./FINNLAND"

Includes poster insert

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