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Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Massacre (4)

Music Album: Massacre

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Propaganda Records

Album Release Country: Germany

Music Record Type: 11 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Punk band from Finland formed in spring 1983 by Pete and his cousin Make.They recorded their first LP in February 1985 on Propaganda Records.


11 Tracks
A1 Sotalelut (Wartoys)
A2 Pyhää Sotaa (The Holy War)
A3 Elämä (Life)
A4 Sokea (Blind)
A5 Pelkuri (Coward)
A6 Kuolema (Death)
B1 Eläinten Vallankumous (Animals' Revolution)
B2 Uhri (Sacrificed)
B3 Harhaelämääs (You're Misleaded)
B4 Yhden Illan Elämä (Life Of One Night)
B5 Tuomio (Judgement)

Licence pressing. Recorded for Propaganda Records/Finland.

The distribution outside Germany with a big green Propaganda-stamper in the middle of the back cover bottom.

Some faulty spelling from a broken cover-original.

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