Dirty Rotten Imbeciles – Dealing With It! (1985) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Dirty Rotten Imbeciles

Album: Dealing With It!

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Enigma Records (3)

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 25 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles is a hardcore/punk/thrash metal band. Frequently credited as the abbreviated D.R.I. Although they began in Houston, TX, in 1982, the band relocated to San Francisco, CA, in 1983 and are generally associated with both cities. Today, they have band members in both cities. D.R.I. is led by founding members Kurt Brecht (vocals) and Spike Cassidy (guitar). The band's name was taken from one of the insults that Brecht's father hurled at the group, who practiced at the Brecht family home, when they first started playing together. In the beginning, D.R.I. was a hardcore punk band and was renowned for their extremely short and fast songs (their debut EP featured 22 songs in 18 minutes). By the mid-1980s, the band was one of the first to mix hardcore punk and thrash metal, which would become known as the "crossover" sound. The band has a dozen or so official releases, as well as numerous appearances on compilations. After the release of their last studio album to date ("Full Speed Ahead" in 1995), D.R.I. continued touring regularly over the next 20 years, with only a hiatus while guitarist Spike Cassidy recovered from cancer. The band did not record any new music until releasing the EP "But Wait... There's More!" in 2016.


25 Tracks
A1 Snap
A2 I'd Rather Be Sleeping
A3 Marriage
A4 Yes Ma'am
A5 Soup Kitchen
A6 Mad Man
A7 Stupid, Stupid War
A8 Counter Attack
A9 Couch Slouch
A10 God Is Broke
A11 Karma
A12 Nursing Home Blues
B1 I Don't Need Society
B2 Give My Taxes Back
B3 The Explorer
B4 Reaganomics
B5 How To Act
B6 Shame
B7 Argument Then War
B8 Evil Minds
B9 Slit My Wrist
B10 Busted Again
B11 Equal People
B12 On My Way Out
B13 Bail Out

Includes 11" x 11.5" full-color lyrics/credits sheet.

Mastered at K Disc.

© 1985 D.R.I.
Ⓟ 1985 Bloody Skull Music
© 1985 Death Records

First copies came with a hype sticker on front sleeve (on shrink-wrap). See picture.

Hype sticker on shrink-wrap reads:
"Dealing With IT"
Brand new LP from the popular Texas hard-core-thrash-punk band, DRI.
Dave Lombardo of Slayer
$8.98 suggested USA list price
also available on high-quality cassette (72069-4)

B7 is written as "Arguement Then War" on release.

Mastering company (Greg Lee Processing) uncredited, identified by the matrix numbers.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 30 customer reviews

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