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Carson Wells

Carson Wells are a three-piece post-hardcore band from Aberdeen, Scotland that began in 2009. Sonically, they’re fairly remnisicent of classics like Unwound and Q And Not U, particularly in their idiosyncratic rhythms and dynamic song structures. They also incorporate some aspects of screamier bands like Sinaloa and Raein, through the impassioned vocal deliveries and washy chords. They’ve grown quite a bit in the near-decade they’ve been together, which their two latest albums Tread A Northern Path and this year’s No Relic being particular standouts. Enjoy.

Carson Wells (2010)
1. Picasso on Contradiction
2. I’ve Got A Friend Who Likes Pirates
3. Feed ‘Em To The Pigs ‘Arold
4. Cohaagen
1. Soul And Sword
2. Slim Charles
3. A Great Weight
4. Ten
5. Killing Me Won’t Bring Back Your Goddamn Honey
6. Three Months in Canada
7. Don’t Forget The Super 8
8. 2007
9. Home

1. Human Hands – Exterior
2. Carson Wells – Cloud In The Shape Of A Shark
3. Carson Wells – Namib
1. Palmistry
2. Silent Breed
3. Northern Path, Southern Lens
4. Mosaic Of Sleepers
5. Final Throne
6. A Life Lapse In Passing
7. Mid Distance
8. Sobotka
9. Will I’m Nae
10. June

1. Sobotka (live from SOAN, Nottingham)
2. Northern Path, Southern Lens (live from SOAN, Nottingham)
3. Mosaic of Sleepers (live from SOAN, Nottingham)
4. Palmistry (live from SOAN, Nottingham)
5. Will.I’m.Nae (live from SOAN, Nottingham)
6. June (live from SOAN, Nottingham)

1. Art In Inconsequence
2. Native State
3. Pilot Light
4. Righteous Mess
5. Prez
6. Early Decay

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