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De Raggende Manne – Brandende Vlierbessen (Limited Edition Incl. Bonus CD !!!) (1991) CD Album CD All Media

Band: De Raggende Manne

Album: Brandende Vlierbessen (Limited Edition Incl. Bonus CD !!!)

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Psychedelic Rock

Label: Top Hole Records

Release Country: Benelux

Record Type: 16 Tracks CD Album CD All Media

Dutch-language punk rock band from Amsterdam, Noord-Holland (Netherlands).

De Raggende Manne were formed in 1988 by Bob Fosko (real name: Geert Timmers). The band played an awesome tough mix of jazz, punk and rock. In 1990 they released a 7" (Nee's Niks), a 6 second song on the a-side and an 7 second song on the b-side (Ragflarz). After starting out playing at incidental occasions, the band acquired a huge reputation in the 1990's for their legendary live performances, headed by Fosko's singing and screaming. In the interest of both the band's and the audience's health, performances never lasted longer than 45 minutes. In the summer of 1999 (after releasing 7 albums) the group announced in a press message on their website that they would split up.

16 Tracks
1-1 Zand3:02
1-2 Grijs1:29
1-3 Te Vroeg2:12
1-4 Het Rijdt Niet1:41
1-5 Vale Kop2:01
1-6 Bloedeloos1:29
1-7 Naar Binne2:20
1-8 Twijfel1:29
1-9 Over De Rooie1:42
1-10 Ziek1:10
1-11 Overspannen1:51
1-12 Klem 22:29
1-13 Ik Vind Je Leuk0:19
1-14 Blijf Daar Af0:57
2-1 Ik Vind Je Leuk0:19
2-2 I Think You're Nice0:18

Recorded late 1990, early 1991 at Studio Nederland, Amsterdam.
Track 1-11 taken from the lp '5 Sessies', 1988. Studio Zwembad.
Track 1-12 recorded on location and mixed at studio Stichting Nootjes, Amsterdam.
Billiard final in track 1-9 recorded at studio Slachthuis, Amsterdam,

No credits on release for the bonus disc.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 148 customer reviews

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