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Government Issue – Boycott Stabb + Live (1983) Vinyl Album LP Reissue

Band: Government Issue

Album: Boycott Stabb + Live

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Reflex/Wolfpack Records

Release Country: Belgium

Record Type: 16 Tracks Vinyl Album LP Reissue

Government Issue (often referred to as G.I.) was a punk rock band from Washington, DC. The band formed in 1980 and split in 1989. They began as a hardcore band but overtime transitioned into more alternative rock areas. Singer John "Stabb" Schroeder was the group's only constant member, although original drummer Marc Alberstadt played with the band from 1980 until 1986 and bassist-turned-guitarist Tom Lyle joined the band in 1981 and stayed until the end. Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Bad Religion) played with the band from 1981 through 1982. The group's final bassist, J. Robbins, who played with the band from 1986 until their split, went on to form Jawbox and became an in-demand engineer and producer.

The band has reunited for shows in 2007 and 2010 but has no plans for a full time reunion.

In 2014, the band played reunion show with 3/4 of the "Legless Bull" line-up playing songs off that record as well as the 1980 demo.

In May 2016, John Stabb passed away after battling stomach cancer.


16 Tracks
A1 Hall Of Fame1:01
A2 Hour Of 11:17
A3 Gi0:39
A4 Puppet On A String1:10
A5 Sheer Terror3:31
B1 Happy People1:12
B2 Lost In Limbo0:36
B3 Plain To See1:47
B4 Partyline1:13
B5 Here's The Rope2:11
B6 Insomniac1:02
B7 Sheer Terror (Live)2:20
B8 Gi (Live)0:47
B9 Happy People (Live)0:58
B10 No Rights (Live)0:58
B11 Untitled Bonus Song

Engineered at Inner Ear, November 82.

Additional recording at Catch-A-Buzz, January 83.

Re-released under permission of the band and DR. STRANGE RECORDS.

B7-B10: Live at the University of Maryland, Colony Ballroom, October 1st 1982.

B11 is a secret bonus.

Comes with poster-insert including pictures, lyrics, interviews, flyers + more.

Black vinyl press.

First press 1800 copies, second press 500 copies

Originally released on DISCHORD/FOY RECORDS (1983).


Rated 4.5/5 based on 213 customer reviews

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