Antisect – In Darkness, There Is No Choice. (1983) Vinyl

Band: Antisect

Album: In Darkness, There Is No Choice.

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Spiderleg Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 11 Tracks Vinyl

Antisect is an anarcho-punk band from Daventry, Northamptonshire, UK. Active from 1981 to 1987, then split-up, but 24 years later, May 2011, Antisect reformed. Pete Boyce was the original singer,Pete Boyce,Rich Hill,and Caroline Wallis (Caz Eden) were vocalists on the 'in darkness, there is no choice' album.. Renusze 'wink' Rokicki (now deceased) was the bassist,Pete 'Polly' Paluskiewicz was the drummer,and Pete 'Lippy' Lyons the guitarist. The line up for the 7" 'out from the void' was Pete Lyons-guitar/vocals,Pete Paluskiewicz-drums,and John Bryson on bass/vocals. Tim Andrews joined as vocalist and Lawrence Windle as bassist shortly after & until the initial split in 1987.

11 Tracks
A1 They (The Eternal Myth And Paradox)
A2 The World's Biggest Runt
A3 A Midsummer Night's Dream
A4 Channel Zero (Reality)
A5 Yet They Still Ignore
B1 Tortured And Abused
B2 Education Or Indoctrination
B3 In Darkness
B4 Heresy
B5 Hallo There....How's Life?
B6 The Buck Stops Here

Recorded at Southern Studios, London, September 1983.
Pressing company uncredited, identified by the matrix etchings.
Comes in 6-panel foldout sleeve with lyrics and artwork.
'£3' is printed on lower right corner of front cover.

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