No Use For A Name – The Daily Grind (1993) CD Album

Band: No Use For A Name

Album: The Daily Grind

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Melodic Hardcore

Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 8 Tracks CD Album

No Use for a Name (sometimes abbreviated NUFAN or No Use) was a punk rock band from San Jose, California, United States formed in 1986 by Chris Dodge (guitar), Steve Papoutsis (bass guitar) and Rory Koff (drums). The band's sound evolved considerably through its career, starting off as a Bay Area-influenced punk band, moving on to a much heavier metallic-tinted sound to finally taking on a much lighter brand of melodic punk as the years passed. The band's career ended in 2012 following Tony Sly's death on July 31 of that year.

8 Tracks
1 Until It's Gone3:50
2 Old What's His Name2:18
3 Permanent Rust2:31
4 Biomag1:29
5 Countdown3:51
6 Hazardous To Yourself3:05
7 The Daily Grind2:22
8 Feeding The Fire2:27

Recorded at Music Annex Studios - March & April 1993.

Mixed at West Beach Recorders.

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