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Band Name: Last Years Youth

Music Album: Yah Boo Fuck You

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Oi

Record Label: Step-1 Music

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 28 Tracks CD Album

28 Tracks
1 Last Years Youth (Know What We Wanna Be)2:23
2 One Law For Us2:02
3 Yah Boo Bollocks2:43
4 Don't Take No Shit1:51
5 Life In The Dark1:54
6 Suicide Direction3:25
7 Duh!1:26
8 Russian Ripper1:41
9 No Berlin Wall2:09
10 3 Chord Gangsters1:46
11 Where's The Gang (The Boy Got Married)1:10
12 Stupicide3:15
13 Gobbin On The World3:42
14 Commercially Viable3:00
15 772932:00
16 Punk Rocker In The UK4:59
17 All The Same2:01
18 Weekend Warriors1:50
19 Speed Said Yes (Beer Said No)2:37
20 What A Disaster2:56
21 You're Not There2:09
22 10 Pint Love1:52
23 My Export3:31
24 Mary2:36
25 County Council (You're Full Of Shit)3:15
26 Lookin' Thru Your Window2:28
27 Childs Play2:12
28 (Fucking) Henry (Fucking) Kelly (You Fucker)3:10

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