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Band Name: Les Savy Fav

Music Album: Go Forth

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Indie Rock

Record Label: Southern Records

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 11 Tracks CD Album

Les Savy Fav (pronounced /leɪ ˈsɑːvi ˈfɑːv/ lay-SAH-vee FAHV) is a New York City indie rock band. Their style is influenced by art rock and post-hardcore. The group is known for the stage presence of lead singer Tim Harrington.

11 Tracks
1 Tragic Monsters3:12
2 Reprobate's Resume3:14
3 Crawling Can Be Beautiful2:51
4 Disco Drive4:09
5 The Slip2:50
6 Daily Dares3:12
7 One To Three2:49
8 Pills3:29
9 Adopduction3:26
10 No Sleeves4:07
11 Bloom On Demand6:35

Recorded in May 2001 at Mission Studios, Brooklyn

Mixed in June 2001 at Magic Shop, Manhattan

Mastered in July 2001 at Abbey Road, London

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