Lords Of The New Church – When The Blood Runs Cold (Special Remix) (1985) Vinyl Album 12″

Band: Lords Of The New Church

Album: When The Blood Runs Cold (Special Remix)

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Rock & Roll

Label: I.R.S. Records

Release Country: Netherlands

Record Type: 3 Tracks Vinyl Album 12"

English/American gothic rock group formed in 1982 and stopped in 1989. Considered as a supergroup, members previously play in 1970s punk bands like The Damned, The Dead Boys, Sham 69 and Barracudas.


3 Tracks
A When The Blood Runs Cold (Special Remix)3:45
B1 Gun Called Justice3:36
B2 Substitute3:20

℗ 1985 I.R.S. Records Ltd./ © 1985 I.R.S. Records Ltd./ Made in Holland. Distribution CBS Records/CBS Disques S.A.

On labels : B2 is credited to Townsend.

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