Misfits – Beware (1979) Vinyl 12″

Band: Misfits

Album: Beware

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Plan 9

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 7 Tracks Vinyl 12"

The Misfits are an American horror-themed punk rock band from Lodi, New Jersey. Formed in early 1977, they took the band name from Marilyn Monroe's last film and in fact, thanked the cast of the movie on the back of their first record. The founding members were: Glenn Danzig on vocals and electric piano, Jerry Caiafa (Jerry Only) on bass, and Manny on drums. Their first release on their own label, Blank Records, didn't reflect the characteristic anger and rebellion of most "punk" records, but instead a more brooding and sinister, yet romantic side lingering beneath. Following the single, Danzig and Only recruited a new drummer and added a guitar player and pursued the horror-based punk rock direction that they are known for. Danzig and Only presided over several line up changes, eventually culminating with Jerry's younger brother, Paul (aka Doyle) becoming the band's permanent guitarist. The original Misfits broke up in October 1983, having released several 7" singles and 12" records, all of which were DIY limited-edition and most of which were hand-assembled by the band, that have long been considered prime collectors' items. The bulk of the band's material was released on Glenn's Plan 9 label. The band's popularity grew exponentially following their split and their material and tapes of their live shows were heavily bootlegged. Following the Misfits' dissolution, Danzig formed a new band called Samhain while Jerry Only and Doyle, he (...)


7 Tracks
A1 We Are 138
A2 Bullet
A3 Hollywood Babylon
A4 Attitude
B1 Horror Business
B2 Teenagers From Mars
B3 Last Caress

3120 copies pressed for release in the UK to promote their 1979 tour. The sleeve artwork was not finished in time, and it was not actually released until after the tour in January 1980.

All tracks except track B3 "Last Caress" were previously released in the US on various 7"s.

Tracks A1 to A4 taken from the "Bullet" 7" EP.

Tracks B1 and B2 taken from the "Horror Business" 7" EP.

Track B3 "Last Caress" was recorded in January 1978 and remixed in September 1979, the remixed version is included here.

Released thru Armageddon Records, c/o 23 The Willows, Chesham Bois, Bucks.

Distributed by Spartan Records, London Road, Wembley, Middlesex 9 AH 7 HQ

Marketed by Cherry Red

Rated 4.5/5 based on 18 customer reviews

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