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Band Name: Murder-Suicide Pact

Music Album: Murder-Suicide Pact

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Burrito Records (2)

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 16 Tracks CD Album

Bob Suren, vocals: Formerly in the bands Flaming Midget (Burrito Records) and Failure Face (Burrito Records, Ebullition Records), Suren formed Murder-Suicide Pact in October 1997 with Joe Kiser, formerly of Slap Of Reality. Suren has also played in the bands Gross National Product (on bass) and John Madden And The Electric Condoms (on drums).

Joe Kiser, guitar: Formerly of the bands Slap Of Reality and Balance. Joe and Bob started MSP together in OCT 1997.

Kevin Shanahan, guitar and bass: Shanahan played bass in the band Failure Face before joining MSP. He plays rhythm guitar on the band's first two records, but played bass in the band from late 1998 until 2008.

John Tucci, bass: Tucci played bass in Winterhave, FL's notorious EBS. He joined Murder-Suicide Pact in Oct 1997, originally as the drummer and soon switched over to bass.

B. Rouse, drums: Formerly the drummer in End Of The Century Party. B joined MSP as the drummer about a month before the band entered the studio to record their first two records. Shortly after the recorded session, which yielded the S/T LP and the "Lobotomy Kit" 7", B moved to California, where he became the drummer in Scholastic Death. B. now drums in the Bay Area bands No Statik and Replica.

Brian Roberts, drums: Formerly the bassist and later the guitarist of Failure Face, Roberts learned to play drums for the band Scrotum Grinder. He joined MSP in FEB 1999 as the drummer. (...)

16 Tracks
1 Bite The Hand2:16
2 Secret Admirer1:33
3 Downtime1:09
4 Plague0:28
5 Stronger Than Dirt1:31
6 One Or Two1:51
7 Asshole Patrol1:02
8 I'm Not Cleaning Up This Mess2:21
9 I'll Get You First1:45
10 Myself1:49
11 Road Rage2:06
12 Obedience School2:08
13 Why Bother?4:13
14 Cancer0:55
15 Not Going Back1:52
16 Hoax3:58

Recorded May-June 1998 at Audio Lab Studios in Tampa, FL.

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