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Negu Gorriak – Salam, Agur (1996) CD Album

Band: Negu Gorriak

Album: Salam, Agur

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Reggae Alternative Rock Hardcore

Label: Esan Ozenki

Release Country: Spain

Record Type: 15 Tracks CD Album

From Basque country (Spain), Negu Gorriak is born after the ska group Kortatu was disbanded in the most popular point of its career in order to avoid creative settlement. The influences from Os Resentidos, old school rappers, Public Enemy, hardcore punk, reggae, ska and latin music are very clear in their eponymic record where the drums are sequenced and the sampler becomes very present.

In 1991 two new members will become part of the group: Mikel Anestesia (Mikel Kazalis) and Mikel BAP (Mikel Abrego), incrementing considerably the quality and depth of music of the band. In that year they also created Esan Ozenki (Say It Out Loud, in Basque), their own record label. Published in 1991, Gure Jarrera would make Negu Gorriak both famous (as the most solid group of the Basque music rock scene) and infamous (for the song Ustelkeria, which w (...)

15 Tracks
1 Ez Dut Ezer Esan Nahi3:12
2 Errespetua2:29
3 Ezin Dut Azaldu2:24
4 Sexu Makina3:21
5 Gizon Ttikia, Aho Handia1:36
6 Anima Zaitez4:15
7 Neskak Zero Katea Ikusten Du3:14
8 Matxinatu Vals-a3:03
9 Sindikatua3:42
10 Ikaratzen2:36
11 Aitarik Ez Dut3:51
12 Mtv-Antenatik At3:10
13 Reggae Peachentzat2:37
14 Agur2:37
15 Adieraz Zaitez3:45

First press:
The Esan Ozenki address printed in back cover is: "Pilar Kalea 1, 20304, IRUN", there is no barcode.

Booklet has lyrics written in Basque with translations in Spanish, French and English.

Cover album with lyrics translated to Basque language.
Track 2 is a cover of Otis Redding's "Respect".
Track 3 is a cover of The Who's "Can't explain".
Track 4 is a cover of Macka B's "Sex Machine" and features members of Bawawa Sound (Ludwig Von 88).
Track 5 is a cover of Minor Threat's "Small man, big mouth".
Track 6 is a cover of Bob Marley's "Lively Upyourself".
Track 7 is a cover of Public Enemy's "She watch Channel Zero?!".
Track 8 is a cover of The Clash's "Rebel Waltz".
Track 9 is a cover of Redskins' "Unionize".
Track 10 is a cover of Poison Idea's "Getting the fear".
Track 12 is a cover of Dead Kennedys' "MTV-Get off the air"
Track 13 is a cover of L.K.J.'s "Reggae For Peach"
Track 15 is a cover of N.W.A.'s "Express Yourself"

Tracks 1, 11, 14 are covers of Basque bands not translated (BAP!!, Errobi & Anestesia (3)).

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