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No Fun At All – EP’s Going Steady (1998) CD

Band: No Fun At All

Album: EP's Going Steady

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Burning Heart Records

Release Country: Sweden

Record Type: 25 Tracks CD

Swedish Punk Rock band. The band formed in the summer of 1991 in Skinnskatteberg / Fagersta.

After 8 years of playing and touring, the band decided to break up with the words: "We’ve played most parts of the world, and have earned ourselves memories for life. But each thing has it’s time, and we feel that we want to quit while we personally still believe we are a great band."

Since 2004, they have performed some reunion gigs. At the reunion show at the Groezrock Festival, they announced that they would bring out a new album in the fall of 2008.

25 Tracks
1 Where's The Truth?2:11
2 Vision1:55
3 It's All Up To You2:00
4 I Wont Believe In You2:06
5 Funny?1:38
6 Suffer Inside2:07
7 Sidewalk2:09
8 I Wont Comeback1:42
9 What You Say1:21
10 Stranded2:12
11 Don't Know Nothing1:55
12 Wasted0:38
13 Wiser2:13
14 In-Sight1:46
15 Welcome To The Working Week1:22
16 Throw It In2:24
17 Shot By Both Sides4:11
18 Where Eagles Dare2:32
19 Don't Be A Pansy1:49
20 Can't Go Far1:45
21 Alcohol2:00
22 Leaving3:18
23 On My Way2:16
24 Dying Everyday2:02
25 Walk A Mile For You1:50

This release is a compilation of earlier releases and B-sides.

Songs originally appear on:
Tracks 1 - 9: Vision EP
Tracks 10 - 14: Stranded Single
Tracks 15 - 18: And Now For Something Completely Different Single
Track 19: G. - Rock Around The Clock Compilation
Track 20: Teaching You No Fear Compilation
Track 21: Cheap Shots Compilation
Track 22: In A Rhyme Single
Track 23 - 24: Should Have Known Single
Track 25: Cheap Shots Volume III Compilation

Tracks 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18 originally recorded by respectively: Circle Jerks, Coffin Break, Dead Kennedys, Elvis Costello, the Hard Ons, Magazine and The Misfits

Tracks 10, 11, 22 to 25 published by Misty Music

Tracks 1 to 9 recorded at Musikstugan, Falun
Tracks 10 to 14, 20 to 24 recorded & mixed at Studio Underground Vasteras
Tracks 15 to 18 recorded at Studio Abyss, Parlby
Track 25 recorded at Studio Punkpalace

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