Pennywise – Land Of The Free? (2020) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Pennywise

Album: Land Of The Free?

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Epitaph

Release Country: Europe

Record Type: 14 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

American punk rock band from Hermosa Beach, California, formed in 1988 by Jim Lindberg, Fletcher Dragge, Jason Thirsk and Byron McMackin. Linked with Epitaph Records for their eponymous 1991 debut. Willfully taking their sound in a direction counter to the burgeoning grunge movement, the group helped to define the emerging West Coast punk scene. The band's name comes from the evil clown monster from Stephen King's horror novel IT. While on hiatus from the group, Jason Thirsk died on July 29, 1996 and Randy Bradbury stepped in to replace him. On August 21, 2009, Jim Lindberg announced his departure from the group. On February 16, 2010, Zoli Teglas, formerly of Ignite, was announced as Lindberg's replacement. Lindberg rejoined the group as lead vocalist on October 29, 2012. Members: Fletcher Dragge (Guitar, 1988-present) Randy Bradbury (Bass, 1995-present) Byron McMackin (Drums, 1988-present) Jim Lindberg (Vocals, 1988-2009, 2012-present) Former members: Jason Thirsk (Bass, 1988-1995)

14 Tracks
A1 Time Marches On
A2 Land Of The Free?
A3 The World
A4 F**k Authority
A5 Something Wrong With Me
A6 Enemy
A7 My God
B1 Twist Of Fate
B2 Who's On Your Side
B3 It's Up To You
B4 Set Me Free
B5 Divine Intervention
B7 Anyone Listening

Recorded at Stall#2, Redondo Beach, CA.

Inner sleeve with lyrics.

"Limited Edition" sticker on shrink wrap.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 22 customer reviews

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