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Poison Idea – Feel The Darkness (1990) CD Album

Band: Poison Idea

Album: Feel The Darkness

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: American Leather Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 14 Tracks CD Album

Poison Idea was started in 1980 in Portland, Oregon, by vocalist Jerry A. (Lang). Within a year, the band had a solid lineup with drummer Dean Johnson, guitarist Tom Roberts (aka Pig Champion), and bassist Glen Estes. The band was motivated by the Germs and Black Flag, and took their musical cues from bands such as Discharge and SOA. Pushing the speed limits of contemporary punk rock, they played raw and angry hardcore the likes of which had rarely been heard before (or since). Their 1983 debut EP, Pick Your King, is a classic and arguably the best hardcore record ever released. Its subsequent followup, Record Collectors are Pretentious Assholes (featuring Pig Champion's substantial collection on the cover), saw Chris "Tense" replacing Glen on bass. Both were put out on the Fatal Erection label, run by Pig Champion and Malcom Conover from Eugene, Oregon.

In 1986, Poison Idea released the aptly titled Kings of Punk LP on Pushead's Pusmort label. By this time, the band's sound had changed from manic, breakneck thrash, to a more driving, Motorhead-influenced attack - losing none of their intensity, anger, or nihilism. In the next few years, Poison Idea's lineup (mainly the rhythm section) changed several times. 1987's War All the Time was somewhat of a misstep - nowhere near as powerful as their previous output - although the two EPs released the next year both had good material.

By 1989, Poison Idea seemed to pull it together; after trouble with reco (...)

14 Tracks
1 Plastic Bomb3:07
2 Deep Sleep2:23
3 The Badge3:34
4 Just To Get Away2:31
5 Gone For Good1:16
6 Death Of An Idiot Blues2:54
7 Taken By Surprise3:14
8 Alan's On Fire4:12
9 Welcome To Krell2:00
10 Nation Of Finks1:32
11 Back Stab Gospel1:37
12 Painkiller1:47
13 Feel The Darkness5:52
14 Discontent3:32

With 12-page booklet containing all lyrics and lots of pictures.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 182 customer reviews

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