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Band Name: Rupture

Music Album: Fuck Your Life...

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Yeah Mate! Records

Album Release Country: Australia

Music Record Type: 71 Tracks Cassette

Australian hardcore punk/grindcore band, formed in the mid 1980s. Over the years the band's lyrical focus shifted from left and anarchist views to anti-PC rhetoric and a liberal dose of provocative humor.

71 Tracks
A1 What Is Life?
A2 Corruption Squad
A3 The Game
A4 Freedom I Think Not
A5 Ku Klux Kunts
A6 Legalise The Bud
A7 Toxic Avenger
A8 War Thoughts
A9 Why?
A10 Business Of War
A11 Dial-An-Image
A12 Fuck You Fred Nile
A13 Why Part 2
A14 Nihilism
A15 Taste The Real World
A16 Uranium Supermarket
A17 Bloodsports
A18 Bobs The Best
A19 Ruling Class Punx
A20 War Veteran
A21 A.B.T.
A22 If You Different
A23 Nuclear Religion
A24 Disadvantage Australia Farce
A25 Acid Orbit
A26 Brains Of Buds
A27 Permanentia Intoxxxica
A28 Justification Of Ya Life
A29 With Medication
A30 Jesus Christ Pornostar
A31 Sick Of Fucken Shits
A32 Fucked Life
B34 Åke Is God
B35 Rescue Future Get Fuck
B36 Human Race Can Fuck...
B37 A Is For Acorn
B38 Little Johny Dead
B39 Fucken Olde Cuntsheadkick
B40 Keep Dreeming
B41 Geneticfuckup
B42 Having Flashback
B43 Earthdead...
B44 Moronation
B45 Paedopriest
B46 Greeen Goblins
B47 We Like Generalize
B48 Keep Dream
B49 Åke Is God
B50 Little Joohnny...
B51 Brain Ofs Bud
B52 Rescue Futures Fucked
B53 Justificaton Life...
B54 Green Goblin...
B55 Fuckin' Flashback
B57 Permanentia Intoxx.
B58 Strive To Deprive
B59 Sick Of Fucken Shit
B60 Your Inferior
B61 E-formation
B62 Irrepairdamage
B63 Jesus Porno
B64 Love And Kisses
B65 A Is For Assholes
B66 Gatecrash The Orgy
B67 Zitbastard
B68 Blinding Flash
B69 Fallout Kills
B70 Innocents Are Massacred
B71 ???O$$$$%%%£½

*Songs A1 to A24: "Mass Slaughter" Demo 1, 06/09/'90. Recorded at Hundeskit Studio, Kelmscott in 6 hours.

*Songs A25 to B47: "Fuck Life" Demo 3, 02/07/'92, unreleased. Recorded at Hundeskit Studio in 4 hours.

*Songs B48 to B57: Demo 2, 04/03/'92, unreleased. Recorded at Initiation Studio, Perth, in 1 hour.

*Songs B58 to B67: Live at Cave Bar, Fremantle, 23/01/'93.

*Songs B68 to B70: Jävla Svin - Demo 1, 04/'91 (band members swap instruments, no more details given).

*Song B71 recorded 05/06/'91, same session as "Righteousfuck" EP, recorded at Hundskit Studios.

This tape was also part of a box set called "Those Marijuana Mushroom Moments" containing 144 live and demo tracks.

"This tape for sale only from: Ryuji Asada/DIY Record".

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