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The Scroungers – Weak As Piss (1992) Vinyl 7″

Band: The Scroungers

Album: Weak As Piss

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Noise

Label: Mortville Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 5 Tracks Vinyl 7"

Harsh and angry one man Hardcore from Australia. His early cassette recordings were only available as trades. No longer active.
Discography Not Listed On Discogs:
Your Taxes At Play cassette (1991) self-released
Born To Bludge cassette (1993) self-released
Feel The Boredom cassette (1994) self-released
Live The Apathy cassette (1994) self-released
Crawl Grovel Scrape Beg cassette (1995) self-released
Void Your Bowels cassette (1995) self-released
What A Glorious Country cassette (1996) self-released
One Big Whinge cassette (1997) self-released

Compilations featuring The Scroungers
*Note that songs by the Scroungers appeared on a number of compilations, the details of many now forgotten or lost.

A Land of Sweeping Sound cassette (1995) Shame File Music (sham007). Tracks: "Hells Half Acre/Yellow Union"
Target Minority cassette (1995) Pagan Waste (001) - Track: "Everybody Wants to be a Hardcase".
Last Call For Unity CD (1998) Barcode The World (BCTW006) - Track: "I've Just Got to Get My Shit Together".

5 Tracks
A1 I'm Normal
A2 Fuck Politics, Let's Riot
A3 Stop Laughing, Comrade
B1 Jan Sheedy Jugend (Zombies For Jobs)
B2 Fuck Right Off

Recorded at home on four-track, 1992, Brunswick. Mastered at home onto computer, 2000, Northcote.

Cover illustration, "Devils Taking The Rich Man To Hell", no.4 of the series "Parable Of The Rich Man And Lazarus", 1554.

This record was originally released on cassette in 1992 as "Jeff Kennet Fucks Sheep".

The Scroungers were part of the Nihilo-Syndicalist Federation and the Satanarchist Workers Union.

Pressed plant uncredited.

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