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Band Name: Abstürzende Brieftauben

Music Album: We Break Together !!!

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Nix Checking People Rec.

Album Release Country: Germany

Music Record Type: 18 Tracks CD Album

German Fun-Punk band from Hannover, founded in 1983 by Konrad K.(ittner) and Mirco "Micro" Bogumil. In 1993 Oliver Rosthal joined the band.
They split in 1997, and on 11th May 2006 Konrad Kittner passed away at the age of 44 while going for a walk.

In 2013 Mirco reformed the band and three years later they released a new album. In late 2017 the "Tauben" went on hiatus, but returned in March 2018 with yet another new lineup.

18 Tracks
1 Immer Noch Kein Plan1:50
2 Stefan3:11
3 Es Ist Was Los2:28
4 Duschen1:48
5 Filmriss2:50
6 This Old Man2:18
7 Alabama Song2:00
8 Ein Baby, Das Nicht Schreit2:33
9 Ede Vom Hinterhof3:16
10 So Warst Du2:47
11 Das Schaffst Du Nie1:28
12 Jamaica2:20
13 Schluckauf2:08
14 Heute Doof Und Morgen Doof2:04
15 We Break Together2:30
16 Kleine Mädchen2:18
17 Faxen '882:38
18 Die Kuh2:00

Aufgenommen und abgemischt vom 7. bis 21. Juli '87.
Track 18 published by Ed. Sirton.

Distributed by SPV

6 panel foldout booklet with order form. Some copies with a white tray, some with a dark grey one,

1st cat# & the distribution cat# printed on back sleeve.
2nd cat# appears on spine.

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