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Band Name: Alkaline Trio

Music Album: Alkaline Trio

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Asian Man Records

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 13 Tracks CD

Melodic punk band from the USA, formed by guitar/vocalist Matt Skiba in late 1996. The band released most of their early material on Asian Man Records before eventually signing to Vagrant Records. The original lineup consisted of Matt Skiba (ex. Jerkwater), Glenn Porter (ex. 88 Fingers Louie), & Rob Doran. In 1997, Dan Andriano (ex. Slapstick) replaced Rob Doran on bass. Later, in early 2000, Glenn Porter left the band and was replaced by Mike Felumlee (ex. Smoking Popes) on drums. Mike Felumlee was replaced by Derek Grant in 2003.

13 Tracks
1 Goodbye Forever2:50
2 This Is Getting Over You4:47
3 Bleeder4:30
4 I Lied My Face Off4:09
5 My Friend Peter2:14
6 Snake Oil Tanker1:22
7 Southern Rock3:04
8 Cooking Wine2:18
9 For Your Lungs Only2:26
10 Exploding Boy2:57
11 Sun Dials3:43
12 Nose Over Tail2:35
13 '974:32

Tracks 1 to 4:

I Lied My Face Off LP EP/CD EP Asian Man Records.

Recorded March 1999 @ Atlas Studios - Chicago.

Track 5:

Recorded July 1999 @ Atlas Studios - Chicago.

Appears on Thick Records compilation "Magnetic Curses".

Tracks 6 to 9:

For Your Lungs Only 7"/CD EP Asian Man Records.

Recorded March 1998 @ Atlas Studios - Chicago.

Track 10:

Recorded early 1999 in Homewood IL.

Appears on Law Of Inertia compilation "Pocket Bomb".

Originally performed by the Cure

Tracks 11 to 12:

SunDials 7" Johanns Face Records.

Recorded in 1996 @ Atlas Studios - Chicago.

Track 13:

Recorded 1996 @ Atlas Studios - Chicago.

Appeared on Johann's Face compilation "Marc's A Dick And Gar's A Drunk - The Johann's Face Story".

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