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Alternative TV – Vibing Up The Senile Man (Part One) (1979) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Alternative TV

Album: Vibing Up The Senile Man (Part One)

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Jazz Rock Free Jazz Art Rock

Label: Get Back

Release Country: Italy

Record Type: 9 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

In March 1977, Alternative TV were formed by Mark Perry (vocals/guitar) with guitarist, Alex Fergusson. ATV played their first gig at the Nottingham Punk Festival in May 1977. Following various line-up changes, their first album was released in May 1978.

Becoming fed up with the punk scene, Mark took ATV into areas of experimentation in late '78 and, after playing as The Good Missionaries for a few gigs, the band broke up for the first time in late 1979. They reformed in '81 split and started again in 1984 and are still currently active (as of early '08).

9 Tracks
A1 Release The Native
A2 Serpentine Gallery
A3 Poor Association
A4 The Radio Story
A5 Facing Up To The Facts
B1 The Good Missionary
B2 Graves Of Deluxe Green
B3 Smile In The Day
B4 Vibing Up The Senile Man

All tracks are originally released on Deptford Fun City records (DLP03).

Recorded in 1978 at Pathway Sound Studios.

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