The Epileptics – 1970’s E.P. (1979) Vinyl 7″ EP

Band: The Epileptics

Album: 1970's E.P.

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Spiderleg Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 3 Tracks Vinyl 7" EP

3 Tracks
A 1970's (Were Made In Hong Kong)
B1 Systems Rejects
B2 Hitler's Still A Nazi / War Crimes

Vinyl comes in a fold-out sleeve with infos printed on the inside.

According to a band interview on Ian Glasper's "The Day The Country Died": "When 'Neu Smell' [released: summer '81] did so well, Stortbeat decided that they were going to re-release '1970's', so we went down to Southern one night, and Penny was in there, and we were moaning about them repressing the single. He suggested that we re-record it, and then try to persuade Rough Trade to sell our version rather than Stortbeat's, and we agreed because they'd been so unhelpful with our contract."

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