Buzzcocks – Singles Going Steady (1979) Vinyl LP Reissue

Band: Buzzcocks

Album: Singles Going Steady

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Liberty

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 16 Tracks Vinyl LP Reissue

Feb 1976 Pete Shelley real name Peter McNeish (born 1955), Howard Devoto real name Howard Trafford (born 1952). They decide to start a band and chance upon a headline: "It's The Buzz, Cock!" Apr 1, 1976 Pete Shelley - guitar, Howard Devoto - vocals, Garth Davies (Smith) - bass, Mick Singleton - drums. Notes: One gig. No released recordings. Jul 20, 1976 - Feb 1977 Pete Shelley - Starway guitar, Howard Devoto - vocals, Steve Diggle (born 1956) - bass, John Maher - drums Mar 11, 1977 - Oct 7, 1977 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar John Maher - drums, Garth Smith - bass Nov 1977 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, John Maher - drums, Barry Adamson (on loan from MAGAZINE) - bass Barry Adamson filled in on bass while they held auditions for a permanent bassist. This lineup played 6 dates in November to complete a tour. No released recordings. Nov 1977 - Mar 6, 1981, (reformed) 1989, (reformed again) Jan 29 - Feb 18, 1992 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, keyboards, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals, John Maher - drums, Steve Garvey (born 1958) - bass The reformed group toured, but released no studio recordings. In 1992 they performed 11 gigs in Europe. There were no studio recordings. Jan 31, 1990 - Dec 22, 1991 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals Steve Garvey - bass, Mike Joyce (ex VICTIM, ex SMITHS) - drums Ap (...)

16 Tracks
A1 Orgasm Addict
A2 What Do I Get?
A3 I Don't Mind
A4 Love You More
A5 Ever Fallen In Love?
A6 Promises
A7 Everybody's Happy Nowadays
A8 Harmony In My Head
B1 Whatever Happened To?
B2 Oh Shit!
B3 Autonomy
B4 Noise Annoys
B5 Just Lust
B6 Lipstick
B7 Why Can't I Touch It?
B8 Something's Gone Wrong Again

1981 reissue of 1980 United Artists version on the Liberty label.

This compilation ℗1979 Liberty-United Records (UK) Ltd.
Manufactured in the UK by EMI Records Limited

"Available on cassette" and TM 8111 GL are printed on the back sleeve.

TM 8111 GL indicates, the sleeve is by Garrod & Lofthouse

Rated 4.5/5 based on 20 customer reviews

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