Chaotic Dischord – Don’t Throw It All Away (1984) Vinyl 12″

Band: Chaotic Dischord

Album: Don't Throw It All Away

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Riot City Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 8 Tracks Vinyl 12"

UK punk band, formed in 1982 as a joke by members of Vice Squad and its roadies. One of the roadies handed a copy of one of their recordings to Simon Edwards (Riot City Records). From that recording one song ended up on a hardcore punk compilation and Chaotic Dischord was signed to Riot City Records before Edwards realised that it was not supposed to be a serious band.

8 Tracks
A1 Rock & Roll Swindle
A2 Don't Throw It All Away
A3 Stab Your Back
B1 Sausage Beans & Chips
B2 Who Killed ET? (I Killed The Fucker!)
B3 22 Hole Doc. Martens
B4 Anarchy In Woolworths
B5 Batcave Benders Meet The Alien Durex Machine

Side A recorded at: R.M.S. Studios, London, Cave Studios, Bristol.
Side B recorded at: Frome Musical, Frome
Side One: A1: Jones, Cook, Vicious - Gliterbest Music, A2: Bateman, Baldwin - Cherry Red, A3: R.Scabies - Rock Music Co.
Side Two: ℗© Heartbeat/Cherry Red Music

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