Doctor And The Crippens – Rhaphanadosis (1989) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Doctor And The Crippens

Album: Rhaphanadosis

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Manic Ears Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 22 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Hardcore punk band from Lancaster, UK. Active in the 1980s / 1990s.

22 Tracks
A1 Garden Centre Murders
A2 Bench
A3 Braindead
A4 Zombies In Disneyland
A5 Epic
A6 The Elvis Shroud
A7 Enter The Garden
A8 I'm So Dumb
A9 G Plan 9 From Outer Space
A10 My Brother Is A Headcase
A11 Henenlotter
B1 Anti-Christ On Button Moon
B2 Kid With The Removable Face
B3 Greenfinger
B4 Fire Prevention
B5 Song For Guy
B6 Skintight
B7 8 Years In Office
B8 Jimmy Goes To Egypt
B9 Podbreath
B10 Extreme Noise T
B11 Nightmare On Sesame Street

Recorded at SAM Studios, Bristol, 25th Feb - 10th March,1989.

Title is printed on the spine as "Raphandosis" but the front of the jacket appears to show the title, "Snit". Normally this is covered by a hype sticker ["Doctor & the Crippens / Raphandosis / 22 songs from the compost heap!..."] but copies exist without.
Printed inner sleeve with photos and lyrics.
Record liner artwork shows label names 'Insecticide.' & 'Fungicide.' the wrong way round

Re-released on red transparent vinyl here Doctor And The Crippens - Raphanadosis.

℗ Manic Ears Music (UK), '89.
© Manic Ears Music Records, '89.

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