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Band Name: Comrades

Music Album: No Escape

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Grindcore Hardcore

Record Label: Comrades Records

Album Release Country: Italy

Music Record Type: 6 Tracks CD

Grind/Hardcore band from Rome, Italy.

Orko (Cristiano Fini) - guitar
Bolivar (Andrea Marra) - bass
Ursus (Giorgio Fois) - drums
Wiesenthal (Paolo Petralia) - vocals
Fuckin' Bastard a.k.a. Grimorio (Giorgio Gregorio Luciani) - vocals
Mustafá (Angelo) - drums
Nerone 666 (Cristiano D'Innocenti) - drums

6 Tracks
01 Rebels Today...
02 The Ballad Of (The Now Defunct) Mustafa
03 You're Trapped
04 Black Work Glory
05 Sad Song
06 Thrash The Unthrashable, Thrash To Kill! / A Riot Straight Through Your Mansion That's What You'll Fuckin' Get

CD release of No Escape 7" EP on Undislessed Records

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