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Band Name: Disgust

Music Album: The Horror Of It All...

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Rock Crust

Record Label: Crimes Against Humanity Records

Album Release Country: Canada

Music Record Type: 17 Tracks CD Album

Crustcore band from Uk.

17 Tracks
1 Intro1:03
2 Welcome To Our Hell2:08
3 Dust To Dust1:17
4 The Horror1:31
5 What Hope For The Children?2:00
6 Chambers Of Horror2:12
7 Innocents Pay The Price2:02
8 Hope For The Hopeless1:20
9 No Man's Land1:58
10 Still Life1:56
11 The Nuclear Threat1:18
12 Raining Bombs1:20
13 Pawns In Their Game1:17
14 Lambs To The Slaughter2:05
15 The Apocalypse Horsemen1:20
16 Prey For Mankind1:57
17 Life As We Know It1:19

Recorded and mixed in 18 hours at Necordeath Studios, Birmingham, England / June 2002.

Catalog # CAHRECS011 printed on backside of artwork.
Catalog # C.A.H. Recs 011 printed on disc.

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