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Elle are a four-piece screamo band from Oakland, California that began in 2015. They share members with other Bay Area legends Beau Navire, Loma Prieta, and Yearbooks. With such an incredible lineup, there’s bound to be high standards for this new project, and holy shit do they deliver. It’s a little difficult from their other projects; most notably they’ve pulled back on the chaotic, shrieking nature of it and let a little melancholic light in it. They have a bit more in common with bands like Raein or Suis La Lune than their past work. The guitars incorporate a lot of shimmering tones and melodic chords, while the vocals are shouted with a desperate exuberance and emotional exhaustion. Both their self-titled EP and recently released She are absolutely incredible, and definitely recent screamo highlights. Enjoy.

1. The Clear
2. Mockingbirds
3. Pulse
4. Parts & Parcels
5. Cold Hands

1. Frame By Frame
2. X
3. Crossed Out
4. Wonder
5. Lost, Not Found
6. Grey Things
7. Floral
8. Crush
9. Colorless

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