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Extreme Noise Terror – Earslaughter (1986) CD

Album: Earslaughter

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Grindcore Hardcore

Label: Receiver Records Limited

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 18 Tracks CD

Phil Vane (vocals), Dean Jones (vocals), Pete Hurley (guitar), Jerry Clay (bass) and 'Pig Killer' (drums) formed Extreme Noise Terror back in 1985 in Ipswich, England as a heavy Hardcore Punk band.
This lineup released the Radioactive Earslaughter split album with Chaos UK
Jerry Clay was soon replaced by Mark Gardener (Sarcasm)
Pig Killer quit and was replaced by Mick Harris (Napalm Death)
This lineup recorded the 'Holocaust In Your Head' album. however this version was never released as internal disharmony lead to the eviction of Mick Harris - Replaced by Stick (Doom) - The album was re-recorded with the new lineup and released on vinyl
Mark Gardener was evicted and replaced by Pete Nash (Doom)
Phil Vane was next to quit and was replaced by Spit
Spit's stay was short and he was replaced by the returning Vane
Pete Nash quit and was replaced by Mark Bailey (Filthkick)
The lineup of Jones/Vane/Hurley/Stick/Bailey proved the most stable in the bands volatile history - Recordings by this lineup included Peel Session No3, Phonophobia, a re-recording of 'Holocaust In Your Head' (Released on CD) plus various tracks recorded for compilation albums

The collaboration with KLF was the beginning of the end for ENT as a Punk band - During this period ENT stopped working on their own material - When KLF 'retired' ENT had no money to continue and no new material to record - This lead to the band merging with Dean Jones side project Raw Noise - St (...)

18 Tracks
1 System Shit1:11
2 No Threat1:26
3 Human Error1:39
4 Murder1:59
5 False Profit0:54
6 Show Us You Care2:27
7 You Really Make Me Sick1:53
8 Fucked Up System1:01
9 Dead Life0:49
10 Only In It For The Music0:54
11 A Month Of Sundays2:36
12 Red Sky At Night2:19
13 Used And Abused2:14
14 Political Dreaming1:28
15 Skate Song2:00
16 Bak To Scool3:19
17 Depression3:03
18 Hope You Got A Fuckin' Headache3:25

Mastered By Mayking (printed at the matrix/runout area).

Rated 4.5/5 based on 161 customer reviews

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