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Fishbone – Truth And Soul (1988) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Fishbone

Album: Truth And Soul

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock Ska

Label: Columbia

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 12 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

American band formed in 1979 in Los Angeles, California, who plays a fusion of funk, metal, rock, reggae, ska, punk, soul, ...

12 Tracks
A1 Freddie's Dead4:29
A2 Ma And Pa3:17
A3 Question Of Life3:00
A4 Pouring Rain5:11
A5 Deep Inside1:20
A6 Mighty Long Way3:21
B1 Bonin' In The Boneyard4:45
B2 One Day4:56
B3 Subliminal Fascism1:25
B4 Slow Bus Movin' (Howard Beach Party)2:35
B5 Ghetto Soundwave4:20
B6 Change2:55

Issued with a black-and-white inner-sleeve of lyrics and credits.

Recorded and Mixed at Sunset Sound Factory and Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA.
A1, B2 and B5 were recorded on Martin Luther King's birthday.
A4 and B6 were recorded on Abraham Lincoln's birthday.

B4 is featured in the movie "Tapeheads."

This recording is dedicated with love and devotion to the memory of Gail Patricia Jones. Your love will be with us always and your kindness will be deeply missed. We will love you always. Your son Kendall, and FISHBONE

© 1988 CBS Records Inc./℗ 1988 CBS Records Inc. [back cover]

A2 to A6, B3 to B6: © Copyright 1988 by MUSIC CORPORATION OF AMERICA, INC. and BOUILLABAISE MUSIC. Rights administered by MCA Music Publishing, A Division of MCA Inc.

B1 and B2: © Copyright 1988 by MUSIC CORPORATION OF AMERICA, INC., BOUILLABAISE MUSIC, and SEE SQUARED MUSIC (BMI). Rights of Music Corporation of America, Inc. and Bouillabaise Music administered by MCA Music Publishing, A Division of MCA Inc.

© 1988 CBS Records Inc. [insert]

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