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Band Name: Hella

Music Album: The Devil Isnt Red

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Experimental Indie Rock

Record Label: Suicide Squeeze

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 11 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Hella are a duo from the Sacramento area, consisting of guitarist Spencer Seim and drummer Zach Hill. The two of them first got together in the spring of 2001. In Hella's craft of contrast, the technical and musical weigh equally, complementing each other with a carelessness that can only come out of care. And it's this quality that translates their spasms without losing hold of their horses as they charge through the tracks.
In 2006 Zach & Spencer decided to regroup Hella with guitarist Josh Hill (cousin to Zach), bassist Carson McWhirter and a singer Aaron Ross, which resulted in an album, There's No 666 In Outer Space, and a few show, but this formation didn't last long, as Hella went on hiatus, and in 2009 it was announced the the band would return to it's original two man lineup of Seim and Hill, having since then released an album Tripper (2011).

11 Tracks
A1 Hello Great Architect Of The Universe
A2 Big Time And The Kid
A3 The Mother Could Be You
A4 Top Twenty Notes
A5 Brown Medal 2003
A6 Suistyle
B1 The Devil Isnt Red
B2 You DJ Parents
B3 Women Of The 90's
B4 Except No Subs
B5 Welcome To The Jungle Baby, Your Gonna Live!


Gatefold sleeve.

Recorded, mixed and mastered June 2003. All recording done at Retrofit, Sacramento, CA.

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