Origami Angel

Origami Angel are a two-piece indie/emo/punk band from Washington, D.C. that began in 2017. Since then, they’ve dropped two bangin’ EP’s and a recent split with the also-fantastic Commander Salamander. Sonically, they blend the more modern indie leanings of bands like Modern Baseball and The Hotelier with the classic twinkle of American Football. However, their more recent material has started to slightly shift away from the mid-tempo sad jams and into a more energetic, pop punk-esque style of sad jams. Awesome band, check ’em out. Enjoy.

1. Ride Our Bikes To School
2. SpaceX T-Shirt
3. Osmosis
4. Hey There
5. Mark My Words
6. Step
7. Notice
1. effective. Power
2. ROM Hack
3. w / u
4. Thanks! I hate it.
5. fin (the long and untold story of how i know it’s meant to be)

1. Origami Angel – Denny’s Devito
2. Origami Angel – Origami Bagel
3. Commander Salamander – Kenny
4. Commander Salamander – Wassup My Good Man

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