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Band Name: SMF (2)

Music Album: Lako Ćemo

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: ITMM

Album Release Country: Yugoslavia

Music Record Type: 17 Tracks Cassette Album

SMF is a band formed in February 1989 in Belgrade, Serbia, as a project of four musicians who were already playing in their own bands. The idea was for SMF to perform at a festival, held at SKC, and play hardcore style influenced by bands like S.O.D., G.B.H. and Suicidal Tendencies and for the lyrics to be simple, kinda “sick”, sarcastic and even ridiculous. However, themes sometimes carried a strong message yelled in the listener’s face or metaphoric meaning hidden under the “direct” level. The result appeared to be a quite unique style, brutally sounding and aggressively played music, full of weird breaks and unusual guitar riffs leading to bizarre harmonies. Finally, the whole idea was also considered a good fun and that’s how it also went. Some people consider that SMF followed this original idea so closely and systematically that a completely new sub genre was born: “Sick Core”.
One other interesting thing about this first gig was that 8 songs were written in one day. Even though everything started out as a joke, the audience at SKC accepted SMF much better than the other more known bands. That was bands main incentive to continue working.

The idea was that no one played their instrument. Kokan and Dare are guitarists, while Francuz a bassist (only Đura played his own instrument).
After the concert at SKC, Đura and Kokan returned to their own bands. Due to the positive reaction of the people who heard SMF’s songs, Francuz and Dare dec (...)

17 Tracks
A1 Kumovi3:25
A2 Odlazak U Grad3:26
A3 Propade Mi Pos'o4:30
A4 Doktore Pomagaj1:51
A5 Noseći Zid2:45
A6 Život U Soliteru2:34
A7 Ponašaj Se Lepo1:16
A8 Šola3:20
B1 Šoferska Tuga3:57
B2 Majstori2:46
B3 Žene0:52
B4 Frka Je Od Side2:49
B5 Južna Pruga2:42
B6 Ne Vileni2:43
B7 Attenzione1:39
B8 Način Života2:44
B9 Kum II2:15

Recorded in Studio "Akademija", Jan-March 1998.

Track A2 is a cover of Riblja Čorba's track by the same name.

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