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Band Name: Stupids

Music Album: Retard Picnic, Feedback Session, Stupids Flexi

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Clay Records

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 34 Tracks CD

The Stupids, from Ipswich, England, formed in 1984 and played some blazingly fast US-influenced hardcore punk/thrash in a time and place that was mostly filled with crusty metal punk & anarcho-punk. Where other such bands had mainly poignant and political lyrics, the Stupids wrote comical, less serious lyrics on subjects as diverse as the elephant man, love (jokingly of course), hating everyone, hating new wave, skateboarding, and more.
The bands "core" lineup featured Tommy Stupid on drums and vocals, Wolfie Retard on bass and vocals, and Marty Tuff on guitar, recorded and released a demo tape in 1984 that they called "Leave Your Ears Behind." The band was picked up by UK label Children Of The Revolution Records, who put out the Violent Nun EP (consisting of tracks from the demo) and the Peruvian Vacation LP in 1985. While preparing for their next LP, the band lost Wolfie on bass and acquired Ed Shred (who would later move to guitar). Retard (...)

34 Tracks
1 The Memory Burns2:28
2 Sleeping Troubles1:05
3 Terrordome1:31
4 Heard It All Before1:35
5 Jesus, Do What You Have To Do1:58
6 Yah Dude!!1:09
7 Something's Got To Give2:20
8 Hawaiian Vacation1:31
9 Shaded Eyes1:41
10 Frankfurter0:29
11 Slumber Party Massacre1:00
12 Waltz Of The New Wavers2:06
13 Your Little World1:09
14 Killed By A Cripple0:55
15 We Suck1:27
16 People In Your Neighbourhood1:46
17 I'm So Lazy1:05
18 Wipe Out1:03
19 Jesus, Do What You Have To Do2:23
20 Born To Skate1:13
21 Wipe Out1:39
22 You Shoulda Listened1:29
23 Always Never Fun2:10
24 I Am Ill1:14
25 What Happens Next?1:44
26 In Bed At Night2:14
27 Born To F..k1:41
28 So Much Fun2:16
29 This Is The Norm?1:33
30 We Suck1:54
31 Sleeping Troubles1:09
32 Arthur C. Clarke's Army2:19
33 Slumber Party Massacre1:07
34 Waltz Of The New Wavers2:13

Tracks 1 to 16: Retard Picnic LP.

Tracks 17 to 20: Flexi

Tracks 21 to 29: Feedback session.

Tracks 30 to 34: Retard Picnic out-takes.

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