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The Dead Milkmen – Soul Rotation (1992) CD Album

Band: The Dead Milkmen

Album: Soul Rotation

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock

Label: Hollywood Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 13 Tracks CD Album

Joe "Joe Jack Talcum" Genaro, Rodney "Rodney Anonymous" Linderman, Dean "Dean Clean" Sabatino, Dan "Dandrew" Stevens.

The Dead Milkmen are a Punk band that started in the late 70's by Joseph Genaro as a "band" that recording and distributed tapes of music recorded on low fidelity 4-tracks. By 1983, the group had it's lineup filled in with Rodney Linderman, (Vocals, Keys (1983-1995, 2004, 2008-present)) Joseph Genaro, (Vocals, Guitar (1983-1995, 2004, 2008-present)) Dean Sabatino, (Drums (1983-1995, 2004, 2008-present)) and Dave Schulthise (Bass (1983-1995)).

The group released their first full-length LP "Big Lizard in My Backyard" in 1985 on Restless Records. This was followed by:
- Eat Your Paisley! (1986, Restless) - Including minor hit songs like "Beach Party Vietnam."
- Bucky Fellini (1987, Enigma) - Produced by Brian Beattie, who produced the next albums "Beelzebubba" and "Metaphysical Graffiti."
- Beelzebubba (1988, Enigma) - Had a brush with the mainstream with their most well-known song, "Punk Rock Girl."
- Metaphysical Graffiti (1990, Restless) - Had minor hits like "Methodist Coloring Book" and "If You Love Somebody, Set Them on Fire."
- Soul Rotation (1992, Hollywood) - Joseph Genaro took over lead vocals for the album.
- Not Richard, But Dick (1993, Hollywood) - Shorter, 10 song album with elements from b (...)

13 Tracks
1 At The Moment3:00
2 The Secret Of Life4:20
3 Big Scary Place3:24
4 Belafonte's Inferno2:52
5 The Conspiracy Song2:21
6 How It's Gonna Be4:55
7 All Around The World3:56
8 Silly Dreams3:34
9 Wonderfully Coloured Plastic War Toys2:36
10 God's Kid Brother2:39
11 If I Had A Gun2:28
12 Here Comes Mr. X2:18
13 Shaft In Greenland4:30

Recorded at The Warehouse, Philadelphia, PA

Mixed at Omega Recording, Rockville, MD

Digital editing at Air Show, Springfield, VA

Mastered at Future Disc Systems, Hollywood, CA

All songs Golf Pro Music, administered by Bug Music - BMI

Β© & β„— 1992 Hollywood Records

Distributed by Elektra Entertainment

Printed in the U.S.A.

Made in the U.S.A. by WEA Manufacturing

Rated 4.5/5 based on 201 customer reviews

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