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Band Name: The Exploited

Music Album: Death Before Dishonour

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Rough Justice

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 12 Tracks Vinyl Album LP Repress

UK 82 / UK Hardcore band formed in 1979 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Current line-up:
•Wattie - Vocals
•Willie - Drums (1982-1989, 1991-)
•Irish Rob - bass(2003-)
•Matt Justice - guitar (2008-2011,2012-)

Former members:

•Hayboy (Steve) (1979-1980)
•"Big" John Duncan (1980-1983)
•Karl "Egghead" Morris (1983-1985)
•Mad Mick (1985)
•Nigel "Nig" Swanson (1985-1990)
•Gordon "Gogs" Balfour (1989-1991)
•Fraser "Fraz" Rosetti (1991-1995)
•Arthur "Arf" Dalrymple (1996-1998)
•Robbie (2001-2007)
•Gav Little (2007–2008)
•Matt Justice(2008-2011)
•Tommy Concrete (2011 - 2012)

•Mark Patrizio (1979-1980)
•Gary MacCormack (1980-1983)
•Billy Dunn (1983-1984, 1996-1997)
•Wayne Tyas (1984-1985, 1986)
•John "Deptford" Armitage (1985-1986)
•James "Tony" Antony Thomson Lochiel) (1986-1987)
•Mark "Smeeks" Smellie) (1988-1993)
•Jim Gray (1993-1996)
•Mikie (1996-2002)
•Davey (Dave Peggie) (2002–2003)

•Jim "Jimbo" Park (1979)
•Glen "Dru Stix" Campbell (1979-1982)
•Danny Heatley (1982)
•Steve Roberts (1982)
•Tony Martin (1989-1991)
•Reiner (1997)
•Ian "Pud" Purdie (1991-1992)

•Terry Buchan (1979)

12 Tracks
A1 Anti UK3:03
A2 Power Struggle3:34
A3 Scaling The Derry Wall3:59
A4 Barry Prossitt3:50
A5 Don't Really Care3:12
A6 No Forgiveness3:36
B1 Death Before Dishonour3:05
B2 Adding To Their Fears2:40
B3 Police Informer2:42
B4 Drive Me Insane3:44
B5 Pulling Us Down4:16
B6 Sexual Favours3:40

℗ 1987 Rough Justice

◌ Comes with b&w inner sleeve, with lyrics and photos of band members

This version have barcode at back.
JUST 6 printed below Rough Justice logo.
Adress to Rough Justice and MADE IN ENGLAND replaced with:
Rough Justice and Printed in England.

Most likely 3rd pressing.
Only difference is backside of sleeve.

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