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2016-09-15 EP REVIEW – KORRIGAN’S CELTIC ROCK "Tournée générale" (2016)

Korrigan’s Celtic Rock “Tournée Générale!”
Release date: 9 April 2016
Running time: 15:32, 4 tracks

There are a lot of Celtic rock and Celtic punk bands all around France. Obviously, most of them come from Brittany. But there are also quite a few bands in the East, mainly in the Franche Comté region. Some of them have already been reviewed here (FFR Celtic Fiesta and Shoepolishers) and the latest addition is a Celtic punk/rock outfit called Korrigan’s Celtic Rock: Jeff (guitar, vocals), Chris (guitar), Seb (bombarde, bagpipes, whistles and backing vocals), Nico (bass), Myriam (Backing vocals, bombarde), Kevin (drums) and Franck (sound). Korrigan’s Celtic Rock was established in 2007, and they have recently released their first EP, “Tournée générale!”.

I feel that the band’s name is simple, but effective. If you don’t know the meaning of korrigan, just look it up on Wikipedia.

The first track is titled “De la bière sur mon kilt (Beer on my Kilt)” and it’s a hard rock number in the AC/DC vein featuring guitars and tin whistle. The next number is called “Hypocrisie” and Seb switches from tin whistle to bombarde. “Putain de …” is the third track on the EP and my fave song: kick-ass bagpipes punk number that reminds me of the North American band Alternative Ulster. The EP ends up with the title track, “Tournée générale!”, another highlight. Once again, Seb plays bombarde on this 77 punk infused number. The approach is different, but I’m sure that fans loving Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs will enjoy this song too.

The Korrigan’s Celtic Rock 4 track EP is a labour of love. It comes in a 4 panel digipack and has been recorded and mixed by Kevin and Franck. Besides, the artwork has been made by Jeff and Kevin. Feel free to contact the band to purchase a copy. And remember, these guys and lass are looking forward to bring their sounds outside France.



01 – De la bière sur mon kilt 4:10
02 – Hypocrisie 3:01
03 – Putain de … 3:51
04 – Tournée générale 4:31


Contact the band to buy the CD

Review by Kinksmarkham

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