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2018-07-07 ALBUM REVIEW – JOLLY JACKERS "Out of the Blue" (2018)

Jolly Jackers “Out of the Blue” Tom-Tom Records TTCD284
Release date: April 20, 2018
Running time: 37:57, 11 tracks + 1 hidden track

Jolly Jackers released their fourth CD titled “Out of Blue” last April 20. Last year former fiddler Krisztina left the band and the new fiddler is Noémi Szentimrei. Given that Krisztina was the main songwriter in the band, some doubts about the band’s new direction might arise. But all the bands members have engaged in the creative process and the result is quite good. Most of the lyrics have been written by the girls (Enikő, Andrea and Noémi) and Mark and Viktor have written most of the music with a little help from the girls.

Out of the Blue” consists of 11 tracks plus a hidden track. The first cut on the album is a short intro and the hidden track (called “Surprise”) is a jazzy instrumental. Then, there are 10 songs that keep up the Jolly Jackers fresh sound from previous releases. My fave numbers are the upbeat songs “Billy the Crook” and “Dancing Shoes” together with track no. 4, the wonderful “See You at the Sea”. But the lively approach of Jolly Jackers can also be heard on other interesting numbers such as “Deaf and Dumb”, “Lies” and “War”. Other influences can be noticed on “Chameleon” (country), “Until We Meet Again” (female Celtic pop à la The Corrs) and ”Demons and Angels” (wah wah towards the end).

The album has been published again by Tom-Tom and comes with a 12 page booklet with the lyrics to all of the songs and plenty of pics.

Track listing:

01. Blue 00:28   
02. Billy The Crook 02:54   
03. Rich, Famous & Cool 03:19   
04. See You At The Sea 03:03   
05. Chameleon 04:11   
06. War 03:36   
07. Dancing Shoes 02:03   
08. Lies 03:20   
09. Deaf And Dumb 03:32   
10. Demons And Angels 03:18   
11. Until We Meet Again 01:28
12. Surprise


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Review by Kinksmarkham

Rated 4.5/5 based on 290 customer reviews

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