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Toxic Frogs “The Mermaid’s Song”
Release date: March 17,2017
Running time: 32:57, 7 tracks

First of all, a stupid question. Album or mini-album? “The Mermaid’s Song” consists of 7 songs, then I could say that it’s a mini-album. But the running time is 33 minutes, longer than many Ramones’ albums. Then, IMHO “The Mermaid’s Song” is an album and then you’ll find it at the best albums list at the end of the year. This being said, let’s talk about the songs.

The first cut is called “Scott is Back”. The girls deliver an amazing set of tunes, a perfect blend of traditional stuff and punk attitude. If you love Ashley McIsaac’s  “Hi How Are You Today” album, then listen to the last tune. You’ll love it.

The next couple of songs are very interesting too. “Criminal’s Heart” begins with the fiddles solo. Then the drums are added and a little bit later the rest of the band join. There’s no singing till 1 minute and 39 seconds. The sound is 100% Toxic Frogs, with addictive oh, oh, oh chorus. At the end of the song, the fiddle speeds up in the British fiddle punk vein. Guitar plays a major role at the beginning of “The Mermaid’s Song”, a number with a hard rock twist. Great fiddling once again and, although it seems that the song is over, the screams open the way for a kick ass end.

Toxic War” is my fave song on “The Mermaid’s Song”. Fast-paced number with a fresh sound and lots of heys and la la las.

The following track is titled “Fuck You. There are two parts too. The first one is darker, while the second one is faster, with the fuck you shouts and the band’s classic sound.

Go!” is the sixth track on “The Mermaid’s Song” and obviously it’s a lively number. Great guitar work too.

Finally, “Violins and Hammers for ever” is the perfect choice to close the album, a ballad.

If the pop-punk scene has full girl bands like Shonen Knife or The Donnas, fortunately the Celtic punk scene has Toxic Frogs.
Track listing:

1 – Scott is Back 4:29
2 – Criminal’s Heart 5:23
3 – The Mermaid’s Song 4:47
4 – Toxic War 3:19
5 – Fuck u 6:04
6 – Go! 4:14
7 – Volins and Hammers for ever 4:25


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Review by Kinksmarkham

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