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The Crazy Rogues “Rebel’s Shanties”
Release date: February 1, 2017
Running time: 24:15, 6 tracks

The Crazy Rogues have just released a 6 track mini-album titled “Rebel’s Shanties”. The band from Veszprém (Hungary) had previously released a 2 track demo and a 4 track EP both in 2015. A better quality of sound can be noticed on “Rebel’ Shanties”, but the band’s approach to Celtic music is the same: punk rock, ska and country.

My favourite track is “Fleet”, a catchy song featuring banjo, flute and fiddle that reminds me of their fellow countrymen The Jolly Jackers. “Mutineers (must die)” is another highlight: fast-paced celtic punk with electric guitars, banjo and gang vocals. Other number that stand outs would be “Rebellion”, a fiddle driven song with a LochNesz twist.

The other songs on the mini-album are the opening track “And Then the Sky Fell” (more stuff with a Hungarian Celtic punk DNA), “Silver Hair” (Americana goes ska) and “The Sad Leprechaun” (IMHO too slow).

Rebel’s Shanties” is a step forward on The Crazy Rogues career. Once again, The Crazy Rogues are offering this recording on a Name Your Price basis on Bandcamp. Go there, download the mini-album and leave some money to the guys.


1. And Then the Sky Fell 03:44   
2. Fleet 03:30   
3. The Sad Leprechaun 04:08
4. Mutineers (must DIE) 02:18
5. Silver Hair 04:56
6. Rebellion 05:38



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