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The Scarlet “Hardfolk Shanties”
Release date: April 17, 2017
Running time: 31:31, 10 tracks

The Scarlet have recently released their debut album, “Hardfolk Shanties”. Previously, they had issued a 4 track demo in 2013, and a 6 track EP produced by Paddy and The Rats’ front man in 2015, “Midnight Avenue”. The brand new album is a step forward on the band’s discography. They shared the same instrumentation with Firkin, but their music was more influenced by Paddy and The Rats. Now, this has changed. The Scarlet’s songwriter, Daniel, also plays in an Irish traditional band, The O’Neill’s. Maybe he’s showcasing his “calmer/pop” side songwriting on The O’Neill’s stuff and he has decided to push The Scarlet’s sound to the pirate/rock/metal end. Or perhaps working with Zoltán Cs.Szabó, who has mixed and mastered the album, has given The Scarlet a new identity.

Hardfolk Shanties” is an amazing pirate album. From the very first track “Heroes of Our Future”, The Scarlet deliver a pirate metal CD based on electric guitar and angrier vocals. As usual Júlia’s flute and Dominika’s fiddle are spotless. The video for this song can be watched HERE.

Monday Morning” is one of the album’s hottest moments. More “punk” than “metal”, but really addictive thanks to the flute and fiddle melody and the backing vocals at the end.

The closing number “Long Live the Dead” is probably, together with “Heading to the South”, the most Paddy and The Rats flavoured song on “Hardfolk Shanties”. Great guitar work on this cut too. Celtic punk at its best.

We Plunder” follows the new approach. An intro à la Rage Against the Machine and interesting lead vocals by Daniel. Don’t miss the folk-metal attack towards the end.

The Firkin’s spirit can be felt on tracks like the catchy as hell “The Darker Shade of Red” and “Take the Wheel”, while  “Son of  a Pirate“ and “Runaway” have a Misfits twist.

Hardfolk Shanties” is available on the main digital stores. The album artwork has been made by fiddler Dominika. The Scarlet are evolving as a band and their latest offering is the proof that they are following the right path. A rad album.

Track listing:

01 – Heroes of Our Future 2:42
02 – The Darker Shade of Red 3:12
03 – We Plunder 3:22
04 – Monday Morning 3:00
05 – Son of a Pirate 3:06
06 – Take the Wheel 3:11
07 – Heading to South 2:52
08 – Battlefield Requiem 3:20
09 – Runaway 3:16
10 – Long Live the Dead 3:08


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