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Band Name: Heideroosjes

Music Album: Sinema

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Epitaph

Album Release Country: Europe

Music Record Type: 17 Tracks CD Album

Dutch & English language punk rock band from Horst (Limburg, Netherlands).
Formed in 1989. Disbanded 2012.

Band members:
Fred Houben (bass guitar)
Igor Hobus (drums)
Frank Kleuskens (guitar)
Marco Roelofs (vocals)

17 Tracks
1 SINema
2 Psychic
3 Why Does Everybody Steal My Hits?
4 The World
5 Damclub Hooligan
6 Delete Me
7 Mamelodi Melodies
8 De Portier (Blij Dat Ie Blaffen Kan)
9 Scapegoat Revolution
10 Come Clean
11 Dan Breekt De Hel Los!
12 Ebersberg
13 One On One
14 One Way Ticket
15 We All Share The Same Sun
16 Euronoise
Bonus Track
17 Bag Full Of Stories

Track 17 is a bonustrack.

Comes in a Digipak.

Recorded & mixed at Studio RS29 (Waalwijk, the Netherlands) between July and October 2003. Additional vocals and chants at "Mamelodi Melodies" recorded in South Africa.

Mastered at Electric City (Brussels, Belgium).

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