Bad Religion – No Control (1989) CD Album Reissue

Band: Bad Religion

Album: No Control

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Epitaph

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 15 Tracks CD Album Reissue

Punk/Rock band formed in 1980 in San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles, CA, US by Greg Graffin (vocals), Brett Gurewitz (guitar), Jay Ziskrout (drums), and Jay Bentley (bass). All the members were teenagers when the band started. Only Graffin has remained with the band through every phase of its career, although Bentley and Gurewitz have participated for substantial chunks of time. Graffin and Gurewitz are the band's primary songwriters, with other members contributing occasionally. The band is known for their rapid-fire songs with a melodic edge and strong backing harmonies. Bad Religion released their first record, a self-titled EP, in 1981 on Epitaph Records, a label Gurewitz started after borrowing money from his father. The band released their first full length, "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?", in 1982. Midway through the recording for the album, Ziskrout quit the band and the record was finished with drummer Pete Finestone. In 1983, the band abruptly shifted gears, issuing the keyboard-heavy, prog rock influenced "Into The Unknown", on which neither Bentle (...)

15 Tracks
1 Change Of Ideas0:54
2 Big Bang1:40
3 No Control1:44
4 Sometimes I Feel Like1:32
5 Automatic Man1:38
6 I Want To Conquer The World2:16
7 Sanity2:44
8 Henchman1:03
9 It Must Look Pretty Appealing1:21
10 You2:06
11 Progress2:12
12 I Want Something More0:46
13 Anxiety2:08
14 Billy1:56
15 The World Won't Stop1:52

This version has a slighty different back cover (white spine instead of yellow)

© ℗ 1989 Epitaph Records

[on booklet]
Recorded at Westbeach Recorders, Hollywood, CA, June, 1989.
℗ Westbeach Music and Polypterus Music

[on label]
℗ 1989 Epitaph
All songs published by Westbeach Music (BMI) except tracks 1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15 published by Polypterus Music (BMI).
© ℗ Epitaph Records (on border)

Titles for tracks 4 and 15 are inconsistently presented in the album's tracklistings (back cover, lyrics booklet, disc face).
Track 4 is listed as “Sometimes I Feel Like” on the back cover & in the lyric booklet; and as “Sometimes It Feels Like… *?!%+!★” on the CD face.
Track 15 is listed as “The World Won°t Stop” on the back cover & in the lyric booklet, and as “The World Won't Stop Without You” on the CD face.

Released in a standard jewel case with black CD tray and a 8 pages booklet with lyrics and credits.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 21 customer reviews

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