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Band Name: Bérurier Noir

Music Album: Viva Bertaga

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Last Call Records

Album Release Country: France

Music Record Type: 22 Tracks CD Album

French legendary punk band who have stood definitively out of the media system.
With a minimum of ways (a rythm box, a guitar, a voice and later a saxophone), they went to the essential : pure energy, committed lyrics and independance in any case. Through the years their popularity grew bigger and bigger, so much as mainstream radios tried to organize concerts with them.

22 Tracks
1 Camouflage5:16
2 La Nuit Noire2:20
3 On A Faim2:54
4 Mineurs En Danger4:23
5 Casse Tête Chinois4:39
6 Le Renard3:04
7 Soleil Noir2:38
8 Il Tua Son Petit Frère2:52
9 Lobotomie2:37
10 Hélène Et Sang4:41
11 La Mort Au Choix3:57
12 Petit Agité4:26
13 Porcherie3:47
14 Manifeste3:30
15 Macadam Massacre2:50
16 Ibrahim3:25
17 Protesta2:45
18 Vivre Libre Ou Mourir4:40
19 Panik1:24
20 If The Kids Are United3:19
21 L'Empereur Tomato Ketchup4:45
22 Macadam Circus1:30

Comes in a jewel case (black tray) with a 2 sided 4 panel foldout insert.

[front cover]

Celui qui s'endort avec le cul qui démange, se réveille avec le doigt qui pue.

Proverbe Chinois (Traduit par Bérurier)

Tiré de "Cocottes-Minute" 1990 éd. Fleuve Noir.

[Those who go to sleep with an itchy ass wake up with a finger that stinks.

Chinese proverb translated by Berurier

Taken from "Cocottes-Minute" 1990 Fleuve Noir publications]

Recorded at the Olympia, on November the 9th, 10th & 11th, 1989.

Fabriqué en France par MPO.

Avec la gracieuse autorisation de San-Antonio et des éditions Fleuve Noir. [With the kind permission of San-Antonio and Fleuve Noir publications.]

Viva Bertaga © Sept 68

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