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SSD – Power (1992) CD Album

Band: SSD

Album: Power

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore Heavy Metal

Label: Taang! Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 29 Tracks CD Album

SSD stands for Society System Decontrol. SSD was formed in 1981 and they played their last show in April 1985. The band was from Boston, MA, USA, and was formed by guitarist/songwriter Alan Barile. SSD was the driving force behind the early Boston hardcore punk scene, with Al often arranging for local shows and putting out records on his own label, Xclaim!. Many Boston kids were also inspired by SSD's musical approach and strict Straight Edge ideology (although it later came to be known that vocalist Springa did not always subscribe to those beliefs). The group's first two records, "The Kids Will Have Their Say" (1982) and "Get It Away" (1983) are now considered classics by many hardcore fans. By the time 1984's "How We Rock" was released, SSD was clearly moving in more a hard rock/heavy metal direction, which alienated some fans. After 1985's "Break It Up" was released, the band split up, and Al sold off all his equipment to buy a jet ski.

All of SSD's material is out of print, with the exception of "Power" a compilation put together by Al in 1990s, and the band has no plans to reissue their out of print material.

In 2008, it was announced that SSD would be appearing at a fest (...)

29 Tracks
1 Glue1:18
2 Control0:43
3 Boston Crew2:20
4 Words That Kill3:21
5 Nothing Done1:07
6 Break It Up3:19
7 Remember2:09
8 X Claim1:28
9 Boiling Point0:51
10 Fight Them1:05
11 Forced Down1:31
12 What If I3:15
13 Screams Of The Night4:59
14 Drug Fools0:26
15 How Much Art2:57
16 Wasted Youth0:33
17 Jolly Old Saint Nick2:49
18 Headed Straight1:25
19 On The Road3:44
20 Under The Influence1:32
21 Police Beat1:57
22 Baby Black3:47
23 Typical0:37
24 Get It Away2:48
25 Star Wars0:25
26 No Reply2:06
27 Francois' Journey4:28
28 Eighteen4:21
29 Infinity1:48

Recorded in :
- 1983, at the 'Get It Away' session : tracks 1, 5, 8, 11, 20, 24 & 26;
- 1981, pre 'The Kids Will Have Their Say' LP : tracks 2, 14, 23 & 25;
- August 1983, live in Santa Monica : track 3;
- 1984, at the 'How We Rock' session : tracks 4, 12 & 19;
- 1985, at the 'Break It Up' session : tracks 6, 13 & 22;
- March 1983, live at The VFW Hall, Cambridge, MA : track 7;
- 1982, at the 'Kids Will Have Their Say' session : tracks 9, 10, 15, 16, 18 & 21;
- 1983, between 'Get It Away' and 'How We Rock' : track 17;
- 1985, previously unreleased : track 27;
- August 1983, live at The Olympic, CA. : track 28.
- Track 29 taken from SSD's Road Tape.

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