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Vegan Reich – Vanguard (1995) CD

Band: Vegan Reich

Album: Vanguard

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore Thrash Speed Metal

Label: Uprising Records (4)

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 8 Tracks CD

Vegan Reich from southern California formed in 1987 and were the originators of vegan straight edge hardcore and hardline movements. Their politics were extremely controversial, they were the first hardcore band to combine militant animal rights leanings, an extreme straight edge conservative stance against drugs, sex (including masturbation and homosexuality) and abortion, a desire for anarchy to be preceded by a so-called "vegan dictatorship," a harsh stance against racism and sexism; all while advocated for the use of violence to achieve their goals. Later releases would focus on the band's faith in Islam. Throughout their career, they played a crossover heavy sound, drawing influences from Crass to Iron Maiden. The first lineup was Sean Muttaqi and several members of Naturecore, they recorded one song of an ALF benefit LP. The band went on hiatus after their The Wrath Of God EP, with the lineup first morphing into the reggae-tinged Captive Nation Rising, and later the back-to-basics punk band Pressure (7). The band has since reformed.

Sean Muttaqi - vocals, guitars, songwriter
Jon Ewing - drums
Ray Titus - bass

Former members
Dom Ehling - bass
Sergio Hernandez - bass


8 Tracks
1 The Way It Is
2 This Is It
3 I, The Jury
4 No One Is Innocent
5 Mystic Warrior
6 Rage Of A Prophet
7 Letter To Judas
8 Stop Talking - Start Revenging!

Discography CD, compiling Vegan Reich's collected works 1987 - 1992

Track 1-4 originally featured on the "Hardline" 7"

Track 5-7 originally featured on the "Wrath Of God" cassette-single

Track 8 originally featured on the "The A.L.F. is Watching and There's No Place To Hide..." compilation LP

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