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Zeni Geva – Desire For Agony = 苦痛志向 (1993) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Zeni Geva

Album: Desire For Agony = 苦痛志向

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Thrash Hardcore

Label: Alternative Tentacles

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 9 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Japanese band, formed in Tokyo in 1987. They incorporate elements of prog-rock, hardcore, heavy metal and noise-rock in their music. The core members are KK. Null (who is also known for his solo works) and Mitsuru Tabata (who is mostly known for his work with Acid Mothers Temple), the rest of the line-up went thru several changes over the years. They reformed in 2007 after a long break and started to tour again in 2009, joined by Tatsuya Yoshida on drums, who was also a part of one of the early line-ups. Tabata left the band in 2012, so currently they work as a duo.

Current line-up:
KK. Null - vocals, guitar
Tatsuya Yoshida - drums, vocals

9 Tracks
A1 Stigma = スティグマ
A2 Dead Sun Rising = デッドサンライジング
A3 Desire For Agony = 苦痛志向
A4 Heathern Blood = ヒーズンブラッド
A5 Disgraceland = ディスグレイスランド
B1 Whiteout = ホワイトアウト
B2 Love Bite = ラヴバイト
B3 Autopsy Love = オートプシィラブ
B4 The Body = ザ.ボデ

Recorded & Mixed at Basement, Chicago, Sept. 1993

Cover painting: "Give The Dog a Bone"

Title on spine: "Agony For Desire"

Issued with insert.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 434 customer reviews

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