Choking Victim – Crack Rock Steady / Squatta’s Paradise Split CD (2020) CD

Band: Choking Victim

Album: Crack Rock Steady / Squatta's Paradise Split CD

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Ska Hardcore

Label: Tent City Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 8 Tracks CD

Influential New York City based squat punk band. The band has an unique style mixing Ska, Punk, & Hardcore into a sound they refer to as the Crack Rock Steady Beat. The band released several 7" EP's and one LP during the mid to late 1990s. Eventually the band was disbanded and members Stza & Ezra moved on to form the band Leftöver Crack.

8 Tracks
1 Choking Victim1:47
2 You Ought To Die2:20
3 Money2:27
4 Apple Pie + Police State2:46
5 Infested: Lindane Conspiracy, Pt. 12:46
6 Death Song2:33
7 Born To Die3:27
8 Suicide3:10

This CD compiles two earlier 7" EP's from Choking Victim:

(1-4) - From the "Crack Rock Steady" EP (1994)

Recorded at Bulletproof Studios - 1994.

(4-8) - From the "Squatta's Paradise" EP (1996)

Recorded at Levelhead Studios - April 1996.

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